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BABYMETAL has started as the heavy metal club of Sakura Gakuin based on the concept “Fusion of Idol and Metal”. The music video of their debut single “Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning” has been viewed more than 500,000 times on Youtube in 3 months! As the whole world is watching out, they have performed at “WOMAN’S POWER 20th Anniversary”, an event for the “female rock band” which was held at SHIBUYA O-WEST on January 9. Bands such as SHOW-YA, a pioneer of female band in Japan or Aldious, which was gaining huge popularity as girls’ metal band performed at the event.

BABYMETAL was the third band to perform. While they felt a little out of place, SU-MATAL announced their plan to film their performance to the audience consisted of rock or metal fans. Each audience was provided with red psyllium light and the venue was colored red. While they got ready for the live, their new single which they were not going to perform at this live was played. At the beginning of the song they sung freely like praying, then the tune was changed into melodious, speedy metal sound. As the song closed with the line “get painted red”, they came back to stage. They removed their capes and started to perform popular song “Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning”. The song opened with the shouting by SU-MATAL and the sound reached highest at the chorus “Ring, ring, ring”. The song was really pop and addictive.

Next song was new song “Iine!” which featured techno sound. The highlight of the song was rapping by YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL.

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The last song was the most hardcore song “Ijime, Dame, Zettai (Say No to Bullies)” they had been performing at their lives since their start. Their dance movements conveyed strong messages. YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL ran from left to right of the stage so fast that they almost ran into the wings. Between the choruses the two performed battle action. The audience was intrigued by their performances.

As soon as the song ended, they left the stage saying “See U!” doing their trade-mark rock hand sign (they call it “fox pose”). The gap between their cuteness and coolness and perfect high voices left the comfortable feelings. Even the audience who saw them for the first time was attracted by their unbalanced charms. After a few seconds, the venue was filled with cheers and hand claps.

On March 7 this year they are going to release new CD. It will be a split album with “KIBA OF AKIBA”, an “Otylish (Otaku-Stylish) death pop band” from Kyoto. Thinking about their unknown potentials, we can’t wait to see what they are challenging in the new album.

(Translation by HK)

01. Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning.
02. Iiine!
03. “Ijime, Dame, Zettai (Say No to Bullies)

New Release

Release on 3/7/2012 Split CD
JOBR-1001 1,000yen(tax in)

BABYMETAL — Official Website

KIBA OF AKIBA — Official Website