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Shiristu Ebisu Chuugaku, who held“Nottori Bunkasai (Occupy the School Festival)”on Kawaii girl Japan in November 2011, have announced their major label debut with the release of new single “Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella” coming out on May 5!

Before the announcement, they had held the signing ceremony of major label temporary contract on Sunday, March 4 at Lazona Kawasaki where they performed their debut single for the first time. The temporary stage was built at the stairwell hall of the fashion mall. While the cold wind was blowing, the members appeared in spring style pink jackets and puffy skirts with the prints of the numbers.

Then a foreign man named Mr. DefSTAR, representing for the CEO of DefSTAR Records appeared on stage guarded by SP. He handed them a contract paper of the major label debut written in English. Each member signed her name on the contract paper in alphabets. They chose the one to give the representative speech by Rock-paper-scissors because the group had no leader. Natsu Anno, Hinata Kashiwagi and Mizuki did the final match and the loser Mizuki was decided to give the speech.

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“We could not have made the temporary contract with DefSTAR Records without your supports. We’ll have to work harder after we make the major label debut. We’ll support each other and try our best so that more people get to know Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku.”

Then she declared: “As the group of 9, we try our best so that our major label debut single “Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella” should reach more than 9th place in the Oricon Music Ranking!” Fans said “Set your goal higher!” laughing and encouraged them with applauses. They were certainly the “King of School’s Arts Festival”!

Asked why the contract was temporary, Mr.DefSTAR explained, “I see unknown potential in them, but their stages can’t still be called professional “School’s Arts Festival”. Are they really the “King of School’s Arts Festival”? When I finally admit them to be the king, their contract will be made final. They’ll be able to be sisters to Ken Hirai from the moment.” Ken Hirai belongs to the same label.

He also announced their schedule of their anniversary events from March 11 to May. He requested them to work harder to make the contract final saying “I want you to try your best to make every event the best “School’s Arts Festival”.” On April 1, they are going to hold solo live named “Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: Ukkari Gakugeikai” at Akasaka BLITZ.

As the mini live, they performed 6 songs including “Ebizori diamond (Shrimp jump diamond)!!”, “Motto Hashire (Run Faster)!!”, “The Tissue: Tomaranai Seishun” and new single ““Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella”.

Are they going to be able to answer the expectations from Mr. DefSTAR and make the contract not “temporary”? Keep on going, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku!

(Translation by HK)

[Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku]
From left to right in 1st row:
Hinata Kashiwagi, Ayaka Yasumoto, Natsu Anno, Rika Mayama, Mizuki 
From left to right in 2nd row:
Rina Matsuno, Hirono Suzuki, Mirei Hoshina, Aika Hirota

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