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Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku “Second Part: Chakkari (clever) School’s Art Festival: Better stop refraining in Akasaka” on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at AKASAKA BLITZ

The heat from the first part remained in the venue and it was a little hot there. The venue was filled with fans holding red, pink or green psyllium lights. They were expecting for the time to come in front of the stage where the huge heart shaped emblem with the logo of “Ebichu” was hanged.

“Ring, ring, ring. Now the Ebichu Art Festival begins.” With the announcement, members in the new costumes appeared on stage. The first song was “Ebichu Shussekibangou no Uta”. Dance leader Mizuki showed back flipping. Fantastic!

Next song was the last single from the indie label “Motto Hashire!!” The youngest members Hinata Kashiwagi and Aika Hirota in hyper voices opened the song with faking. Their voices were so powerful that couldn’t be believed to have come out of such small bodies.

After they introduced themselves as usual, they performed “Oh My Ghost?: Watashi ga Akuryo ni Nattemo” which they performed at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL last year wearing ghost like make-up to everyone’s surprise. They farther performed “Doshaburi Regret” and “Nani ga Nandemo”, a cover of an idol group “Sakurakko Club Sakura Gumi”.

They talked about their new costumes during MC. Rina Miyama explained about the new costume: “We have planned with Human Academy for a year to realize this collaboration”. The colors are different in every grade: 1st year students wear green, third year ones wear pink and 5th year ones wear pale blue. Mizuki and Rika Miyama were wearing pale blue costumes. They set up new grade of “4th year” in Ebichu .

Mirei Hoshina talked about her dream to “put out an album”, for they have already recorded almost 20 original songs. The fans supported her comment and said “Wow”.

Rina Matsuno introduced the song “Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella” explaining that was their major label debut single to be released on May 5. Once you hear the chorus “K, A, R, I, Kari Kari Kari Kari”, you won’t never forget the song. There was a skit between the choruses. Even after the live the song didn’t leave my head.

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Before they went on to perform “Utae! Odore! Ebi Dada!” for the first time in front of the audience, Mirei Hoshina climbed on the platform of the stage wearing huge sunglasses. “Everyone in Japan, Konnichiwa. Please listen to my best song.” She turned into mysterious Ebi Dada reminiscent of a certain famous singer. Fans didn’t get the meaning and look at her suspiciously, but Mirei played her part without hesitating. I was impressed with her guts. I even thought about changing my favorite member in the group to Mirei.

When the members introduced the opening of the quiz session, mysterious foreign figure named Mr. DefSTAR representing for the DefSTAR Records appeared for surprise.
He proposed “Why don’t we shout classic Japanese encouragements and get united to be King of School’s Arts Festival from everyone’s eyes? “ Then everyone at the venue shouted “Ei-ei-o! Let’s go Ebicu! Let’s move on recklessly!”

The excitement of the audience reached highest with “Uretai Emotion!” featuring comfortable digital sound and popular “Ebizori diamond (Shrimp jump diamond)!!”.

In the next MC, the picture of their manager “Sub Culture Principal” was shot on screen after they announced to show the music video of “Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella”. The film followed him searching for the next live venue.

The biggest surprise of the day was announced: Ebichu will hold their first solo live at Nippon Seinenkan Hall on July 1 called “Jya-Bestten”. Members couldn’t believe the news because it was so sudden and it was April Fool’s Day. They looked so confused that the Sub Culture Principal shouted from his seat from the 2nd floor that it was true.

Mayama said emotionally in tears: “I’ve wanted to do live there since we’ve done Generalprobe with Momoiro Clover Z there. I’m so happy my dream will realize so fast”. Ayaka said “I’m already feeling tensed”, to which some said she should feel tensed right now at this live.

The audience got even more excited to “The Tissue: Tomaranai Seishun” and “Houkago Getabako Rock’n’roll MX”.

The last song was “Eien no Chugakyusei”. The audiences held each other’s shoulder and moved from left to right to the movements of the members. In the comfortable sense of unity, the curtain was closed down. The members appeared again answering the enthusiastic calls for encore.

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For encore, they performed upper tune “Agero! Ebi furai” to which the audiences waved towels excited. Then Aika Hirota introduced “Isshou Tomodachi” saying “We sing our usual song at AKASAKA BLITZ where we’re performing for the first time. I hope you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life”. The live was closed with “Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella” answering the applauses which never seemed to stop.

In this stage 9 members lived up to their name “King of School’s Art Festival”. They’ve overcome many surprises and challenges to become stronger (or sometimes bolder). We can’t take our eyes off them after they make their major debut on May 5!

(Translation by HR)
01. Ebichu Shussekibangou no Uta part1
02. Motto Hashire!!
03. Oh My Ghost?: Watashi ga Akuryo ni Nattemo
04. Doshaburi Regret
05. Nani ga Nandemo
06. Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella
07. Gozonji! Ebichu Ondo
08. Utae! Odore! Ebi Dada!
09. Uretai Emotion!
10. Ebizori diamond (Shrimp jump diamond)!!
11. The Tissue: Tomaranai Seishun
12. Houkago Getabako Rock ‘n Roll MX
13. Eien ni Chugakusei
EN01.Agero! Ebi furai
EN02.Isshou Tomodachi
EN03.Kari Keiyaku no (Temporary Contract) Cinderella

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