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[2nd Idol Yokocho Matsuri!! on April 8, 2012: Live band special at SHIBUYA-AX]

2nd Idol Yokocho Matsuri!!, a spring festival for the idol fans who love idols was held on April 8 at SHIBUYA-AX when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Total 7 artists including upupgirls (kari), Cheeky Parade,, BABYMETAL, Dorothy Little Happy and SUPER☆GiRLS as a special act participated in the event.
As a hostess Ayala Nishiwaki from 9nie aka Chaapon appeared on stage and led the show with her innocent, cute talk.

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The first one to perform was upupgirls (kari). They started with their first original song “Going my ↑”. It was their first performance at such a big stage for the graduates of Hello! Project Egg. Some members cried with joy between the songs. Then they performed “Rainbow” and “Onegai Yuwaku no Target” with full energy and attracted the audience with their freshness.

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The next one to perform was Cheeky Parade. We could enjoy the cheeky and cute fashion of each member. JSG had collaborated in designing their costumes. Each member wears different style. They were formed on February 19 this year, but their dances didn’t tell their short history and attracted the audience with 3 songs “Cheeky dreamer”, “Zettai! Love Magic” and “Peace! Smile Girl”.

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Third group was Once you see their manic, sexy, cute singing and chaotic dance, you won’t never forget them. They had fought their way to the event by winning votes in the Idol Yokocho Championships held in February. “We’d like to do our best performances here at SHIBUYA-AX to answer the feelings of those who couldn’t make their way here.” As Mirin Furusawa declared on stage, they fully performed 3 songs “Dem Parade JAPAN”, “Future Diver” and “Tsuyoi Kimochi, Tsuyoi Ai”.

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After the interval, the second part began. 4th group BABYMETAL appeared on stage with air back band in skeleton suits. They appeared in the dark holding towels with their logo and exploded metal sounds from the beginning. Their sounds are HEAVY but their voices are BABYish, which adds to their charms. The god of the METAL was with them when they performed singles “Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning”, “Iine!” and yet to be released “Ijime, Dame, Zettai (Say No to Bullies)” holding their hands up in rock hand signs.

When they said “We are BABY METAL Death!!” to the audience after the songs, the audiences shouted back “Death” with them in time. It was really a impressive scene. They left the stage saying “See U!!” charmingly as always.

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5th group Dorothy Little Happy turned the atmosphere of the venue from METAL into Idol Pop again. The girls from Sendai also appeared in the 1st Idol Yokocho Matsuri. They have grown up since last year and excited the audience with “Hi So Jump (short ver.9” and “HAPPY DAYS!”

Their leader Kana Shirato opened their first session with the live band saying “We are performing with the live band today, so we’d like to show you our cool sides”. The audience got more excited as they performed “Soul 17” and “Rinsen Taisei ga Tomaranai”. In the last song “Demo Sayonara”, the audience screamed aloud “Me too!” to the chorus “Sukiyo (I love you)” , which impressed me.

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As the event came closer to the end, 6th group SUPER☆GiRLS appeared with “EveryBody JUMP!!” Their smiles made us forget about our tiredness and charged us with energy.

They practiced smiling in front of the audience before they performed new single “1,000,000☆Smile”. Ruka Mizote invited the audience to “Try smiling with us! Here we go, smile!” by which the faces of the audiences were turned into smiles. Their up tune songs are really powerful. By the time they finished performing total 8 songs including “MAX! Otomegokoro” and “Ganbatte Seishun”, the venue was so hot that you got sweat just by standing there.

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As a last special act ℃-ute appeared. The audience called for them with the hostess Chaapon. Then the introduction of “Dance de Bakon!” began to flow and the calls became much louder. They attracted the audience with their fresh, energetic performances of “Kiss me Aishiteru”, “Okina Ai de Motenashite”, “Massara Blue Jeans” and “Tokaikko Junjo”.

Between the songs member Saki Nakajima introduced themselves to the audience. She said they had passed the audition in 2012. “We’ve been in this industry for already 10 years. Can’t believe that.” They performed with the live band for the first time on this day. It was also their first time to perform at the same event with idols outside their own Hello! Project. They seemed to have got many inspirations from other idols.

After that they performed new ballad song “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku”. The audience was intrigued by their gentle and sentimental performance. They changed the mood completely with the next song “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onnanoko”. They tactfully changed the mood with the happy and uptempo song. The audience became one when they performed the last song “JUMP” which seemed to sound for the future.

In the end all the performers appeared on stage. After the shooting with the audience, they closed the stage singing “ultra soul” by B’z altogether. In the festive mood, the idols looked so happy until the end. We expect to see them like that again.
These are the good times for the idol lovers. Both the audience and the reporters stood for 4 hours on end at the event, but it was worth doing so because the idols were so fantastic.

01.Going my ↑
03.Onegai Yuwaku no Target

【Cheeky Parade】
01.Cheeky dreamer
02.Zettai! Love Magic
03.Peace! Smile Girl

01.Dem ParadeJAPAN
02.Future Diver
03.Tsuyoi Kimochi, Tsuyoi Ai

03.Ijime, Dame, Zettai (Say No to Bullies)

【Dorothy Little Happy】
01. Hi So Jump! (Short Ver.)
03.Namida yori mo Zutto Hayaku
05.Soul 17
06.Rinsen Taisei ga Tomaranai
07.Demo Sayonara

01.EveryBody JUMP!!
02.Zettai Jibun Zenshin Sengen!
03.Jyoshiryoku (Girls’ Power)←Paradise
04.Renai rule
05. Dear~Mirai no Chizu~
07.MAX! Otomegokoro
08.Ganbatte Seishun

01.Dance de Bakon!
02.Kiss me Aishiteru
03.Okina Ai de Motenashite
04.Massara Blue Jeans
05.Tokaikko Junjo
06.Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku
07.Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onnanoko

EN01. ultra soul

【Idol Yokocho Matsuri!! @SHIBUYA-AX】
Reporting from “Idol Yokocho Matsuri!!” event featuring 7 big idol groups such as ℃-ute, SUPER☆GiRLS, and BABYMETAL! We send you their comments from backstage, photos from the live and more! The movies continue to be uploaded!

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Translation by HK
Photograph by Yuhei Arata / Shigeru Toyama