℃-ute, S/mileage and upupgirls(kari) have appeared in “Idol ga ○○shitemita!!” on nico nico Chokaigi(= nico nico super meeting). You might be able to see their kissing faces!?

”nico nico Chokaigi”, an event aiming to “(roughly) reproduce the world of the video uploading website niko niko douga on earth” was held on April 28 and 29 at Makuhari Messe. More than 90,000 guests visited the event in two days.

℃-ute, S/mileage and upupgirls(kari) appeared on “niko niko tyou idol LIVE★Idol ga ○○shitemita!!” held on the 28th. Other than live performances, they excited the audience showing their secret kissing faces in the “Idol ga ○○shitemita!” section in the festive mood of “Chokaigi”.

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They performed on GREEN Stage with 1000 audiences. upupgirls(kari) opened the special stage on the first day. upupgirls(kari) performed their first original song “Going my ↑” and covered “Genkimono de Ikou!” by Erina Mano. After they excited the audience with those upper tunes, they performed new single “Bare Bare I LOVE YOU” for the first time in front of the audience. The song was full of their cute charms.

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The next one to perform was S/mileage. Their costumes were ones for their new single “Dot Bikini” to be released on May 2, which meant they were wearing bikini-style costumes. Some of the audiences raised their voices in surprise.

They started with hit single “○○Ganbaranakutemo Eenende” and continued with new single “Dot bikini” which brought the earliest summer to the audience. They chose the songs like “Uchoten LOVE”, “Yume Miru 15sai” and “Suki chan” which always excite the audience at the live or event. Their performances were so hot that in the end they all were sweating even in their bikini style costumes.

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The last one to perform was ℃-ute, whose name has become popular among not only the fans of Hello!Project but the fans of other idols who have recognized them as “℃-ute the best live performer” and “℃-ute the best performer” through their uploaded videos or performances in the events.

This time they performed new single “Kimi wa Jitensya Watashi wa Densya de Kitaku” and other live standards. Between those songs they performed “Bye Bye Bye!” which they rarely do at their lives. Fans and those who saw the stage of ℃-ute for the first time were impressed with their freshness.

Artists from Hello! Project have always show us the high abilities in their performances. Is it because of their experiences, unity, trainings, gifts or all of that? Among those artist of Hello! Project, ℃-ute has been acclaimed as “the best performer in the Hello! Project”.

In their performances, they made the most of the stage and showed their dynamic and delicate faces. Depending on the songs, they showed happy smiles or serious, sad faces. They changed the mood of the audience with their faces. Every audience was intrigued by their performances.

So many people gathered around to see their performances outside the fence for the GREEN Stage that they almost blocked the passages. They proved how easily everyone can get intrigued by the stage of ℃-ute.

As the event is titled “Idol ga ○○shitemita!”, ℃-ute and S/mileage challenged the assignments given by the organizer. Meimi Tamura from S/mileage and Mai Hagiwara from ℃-ute competed in making embarrassed faces, Rina Katsuta from S/mileage and Maimi Yajima from ℃-ute competed in making angry faces, and Akari Takeuchi from S/mileage and Saki Nakajima from ℃-ute competed in making crying faces.

The last competitors were Ayaka Wada from S/mileage and Airi Suzuki from ℃-ute. They were supposed to compete in making kissing faces. As the different excitement at the venue and the viewers got higher, Ayaka Wada showed her unique kissing face (they might call it a strange face) and skillfully passed the pressure.

After Ayaka Wada showed her secret kissing face in a sense, it was a turn for Airi Suzuki. As everyone stared at her with expectation, she showed her kissing face as well as hesitant face before the kiss and embarrassed face after the kiss. The scene could be taken from the 1minute 55 seconds of the music video of “Kimi wa Jitensya Watashi wa Densya de Kitaku”. The audiences at the venue and the viewers behind the screens were filled with sweet and sour feelings then.

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After the live, ℃-ute, S/mileage and upupgirls(kari) held hand shake session at the venue. Then upupgirls(kari) prayed at the nico nico Chokaigi Shrine and appeared in the booth of “AKIHABARA backstage pass” produced by Tsunku♂ and excited the guests at the festival.

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Original text by ytsuji a.k.a 編集部(つ)
(Translation by HK)

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