Fudan Juku’s first across-the-country tour “Fudan Juku Ranbu 2012: Niji” started on May 5 at SHIBUYA O-EAST. They appeared in the costumes like Napoleon and different kinds of weapons in their hands. Uramasa Seimyouji shouted heartily “Here we start the across-the-country tour!” and opened the live with “Hachijou no Buki.”

When performing the 3rd song “Mugen no Procyon” they looked even scary. They have become more masculine day by day. One member appears in the fashion magazine “Men’s Knuckle” as a model.
Four members Momotaro Bukiya, Uramasa, Ryoma Yukimura and Renji Ruhara performed “Katsunda!” and other four members Kojiro Akazono, Koki Seto, Kensui Aiba and Kyohei Midorikawa performed “Love Spider” after changing their costumes into the suits. It was rare to see them to perform in these small groups. Dance performances by Akazono and Aiba which had got acclaim in their last live had become more powerful with the back dancers.

Among those features, the most interesting event was “Kashi Senbatsu “Fu” Senkyo [Lyrics competition “Like election".] The members had proposed the event in which each member wrote the lyrics for the music by their producer Hanawa and performed the song live on stage.

The first competitor was Uramasa who had titled the song “Boku ga Kono Sekai ni Irutameni. ” The song questioned the identity of himself. When explaining the meaning of the song with video, Uramasa shed his tears with emotions. Yukimura, who loved baseball, appeared in the uniform of Darvish from Texas Rengers with the number 11. He had titled the song “Joukyou (kari)[Going to Tokyo (temporary)]”, for he was commuting from Osaka to Tokyo. Aiba appeared in the gold pants he said his mother had made for him. He sang “DREAM” running from left to right on stage. Kyohei sang “Suiyoubi[Wednesday]” for which he had got inspiration from the thunderstorm. He threw away his umbrella while performing the song.

Koki sang “Speedstar.” He performed the song in band style with red Les Paul’s guitar in his hands. Renji performed “help me venus!” which started with the dialogue. As he had once said he wanted to be a writer, the lyrics were full of his words. Kojiro fully expressed his sadistic character with “Control” in which he sang about his hope of controlling his lover. My favorite one was “Tobitate! [Fly away!] Fu-Ranger” by Bukiya. He was wearing the badge made by carton with the letter “Fu” on it. His uniqueness stood out while other 7 members showed cool performances. I wanted to see other members perform this song.

The songs by 8 members have been uploaded on Nakano Fu Dan Jo Channel after the live. The full version of the song which will get most votes by fans will be included in the album to be released with in this year. The voting ticket will be included in new single “Ame tokidoki hare nochi niji” coming out on May 23. The results of the votes will be announced on the tour final on June 30. The most voted one will perform at the center on stage!

Ruhara, who most wished to be number one said to the last performer Akazono, “Yours lyrics sounded like ones from “Love Spider”!” Akazono fought back saying “Your dialogues in the beginning of the song were impossible. I never want to say that myself!” Ruhara smiled wryly and said “I’ll ask my mentor (Yukimura) to sing the song.” Yukimura, who got involved in the fight told them “Stop fighting each other! Both of your songs sounded like the ones by Amateur League!” Fantastic!
The live resumed after the talk. They performed “Yuuki no FLAG” for the first time in public with the flags flown on stage. For encore they performed “KAZEIKKI” and “Seno de Don’t mind!” After the live they held hand shake and photo session on stage.
We can’t wait to see them on June 30 when they welcome the tour final. They will surely have become more powerful after touring across Japan.

(Translation by HK)

01.Hachijou no Buki
03.Mugen no Procyon
05.Love Spider
06.Kaze ni Notte
07.my home town
Dance Corner
Kashi Senbatsu “Fu” Senkyo [Lyrics competition “Like election"]
08.Boku ga Kono Sekai ni Irutameni (Uramasa Seimyouji)
09.Joukyou (kari)[ Going to Tokyo (temporary)] (Ryoma Yukimura)
10.DREAM(Kensui Aiba)
11.Suiyoubi[Wednesday](Kyohei Midorikawa)
12.Tobitate! [Fly away!] Fu-Ranger(Momotaro Bukiya)
13.Speedstar(Koki Seto)
14.help me venus!(Renji Ruhara)
15.Control(Kojiro Akazono)
16.Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji
17.Yuuki no FLAG
18.Onaji Jidai ni Umareta Wakamonotachi
EN02.Seno de Don’t mind!

Photograph by Hiroyasu Take

Fudan Juku — Official Website

Nakano Fu Danjo Channel ー Website

New release

Release on 2012.5.23
Single「雨ときどき晴れのち虹 (Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji)」

〈1st Limited Edition〉CD+DVD (Eight versions in total)
TECI-271~278(common) Each¥1,500(tax in)
01. 雨ときどき晴れのち虹 (Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji)
02.せーのでドンマイ!(Seno de Donmai!)
雨ときどき晴れのち虹 (Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji)(Music Video)
雨ときどき晴れのち虹 (Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji) (Making Each member’s ver.)
〈Nomal Edition〉
01. 雨ときどき晴れのち虹 (Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji)
02. せーのでドンマイ!(Seno de Donmai!)
03.勇気のFLAG(Yuuki no FLAG)