【5/20 @Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall“2nd JAPAN TOUR 2012〜Limited addiction〜 CONCERT*03『Rock you! 』”】

The tour final was held at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on May 20, where they announced the schedule of solo live at Nippon Budokan.

5 of them appeared on stage with their fists up in the air. Along with the title of the tour “Rock you!” their costumes had rock tastes and looked cool. True to the words by Hitomi “Aren’t we wild?” the costumes had skulls and spiders printed on them. They started the live with “Rock you!” featuring acrobatic dance. The sound produced by the live band was powerful and perfectly went with the dynamic atmosphere of the outdoor stage.

The next song was “Liar” famous for “ghost” dance with the hand shaking movements. The audience got excited when Miyu and Mei pretended to kiss during the song.
The 7th song was the ballad song “追憶-Single Version- (Tsuioku: Single Version)” from their latest single. When they performed the song at 〈SPECILA LIVE “TGS Discography” Vol.2”〉held at Yokohama BLITZ in March, Ayano told the audience they could’ve shown better performances. When we heard the song again we knew what they had meant then: this time they perfectly expressed the world of the song and left the comfortable feelings after. The venue was filled with the applauses by the audiences.

Then they performed “LolitA☆Strawberry in summer” for the first time in public. The song has been included in the single released on May 23 as the “TGS23: pre-release”. It was originally the song by the past idol group SweetS and has been arranged for TGS. I like the part where Mei sings “Knight On, Knight On”. In chorus, they shook the hearts of the audiences by lifting the edge of their T-shirts a little.

They continued with “Love like candy floss”, “僕の手紙 (Boku no Tegami)” and “鼓動の秘密 (Kodou no Himitsu)”. In the introduction of “Sparkle”, they put down their microphones and danced acrobatically. Mei even did leapfrog!「After the performance of “孤独の果て〜月が泣いている〜 (Kodoku no Hate: Tsuki ga Naiteiru)”, they announced the first surprising news. A leader Miyu announced easily “We’d like to tell you one thing. After the discussion with the staff and members, we’ve decided to take off from TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE.” She added to the confused audience “We take off so that we could improve our performances during the break. It’s only for 2 months.” The audience made the different reactions to which the members told “What do you want to say? Weren’t you laughing at us?” The audience gave them the applause when they told “Please be waiting for us to come back in summer and show better performances!”  

In the last song “W.M.A.D”, Hitomi incited the audience saying “Here we go!” in the chorus. Everyone in the venue was united and the live closed with the highest excitement. The members introduced the members of the live band and left the stage.

For encore, they appeared wearing tour T-shirts and black hot pants. They went on to perform “Limited addiction: Unlimited addiction Mirrorball Royal Mix” waving towels in their hands. Between the songs the character Hanakappa from the TV animation “Hanakappa” appeared on stage and gave the flowers to the members. Hanakappa asked the audience to see video on the screen behind the stage saying “We have big news for you today.” After the movie on their history, the word started to appear one by one to finally show the word “December 22, 2012 Tokyo Nippon Budokan”. The audience cheered to the news.

The members couldn’t say anything from surprise. Then their manager Mr. Satake, a popular figure in their lives went on to the stage and explained the news. Their friends Momoiro Clover Z gave them the encouraging messages through the video. Yuri said “We have to work harder for the happy news!” and encouraged the members. They closed the tour final with “ゆうやけハナビ (Yuuyake Hanabi)” telling they wanted to make this live their happiest memory ever.
When asked about the live at Budokan after the live, Miyu said “I tried not to cry from happiness but I couldn’t help.” Her face showed strong will for that new goal. After the 2 months break, they will surely dance better, sing better and shine brighter. We can’t wait to see the 3rd chapter of TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE.
(Translation by HK)

01.Rock you!
02.Attack Hyper Beat POP
03.Don’t Be Cruel
05.ヒマワリと星屑 (Himawari to Hoshikuzu)
06.眩暈-TGS ver.- (Memai -TGS ver.-)
07.追憶-Single Version- (Tsuioku-Single Version-)
08.LolitA☆Strawberry in summer
09.Love like candy floss
10.僕の手紙 (Boku no Tegami)
11.鼓動の秘密 (Kodou no Himitsu)
13.孤独の果て〜月が泣いている〜 (Kodoku no Hate ~ Tsuki ga Naiteiru~)
14.大切な言葉 (Taisetsu na Kotoba)
15.おんなじキモチ (Onnaji Kimochi)
16.頑張って いつだって 信じてる (Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru)
18.Limited addiction
EN01.Limied addiction –Unlimited addiction Mirrorball Royal Mix-
EN02.キラリ☆ (Kirari☆)
EN03.ゆうやけハナビ (Yuuyake Hanabi)

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