【Vol.17】Misako and Nao Hime have visited head branch of fashion brand MILK in Harajuku.

Misako and Nao Hime have visited head branch of fashion brand MILK in Harajuku.
Cute clothes and accessories at the shop kept on uplifting the tensions of the two!
We bring you the movie and photos from the visit.

青木美沙子-Aoki Misako-
Occupation: Nurse, Model, Kawaii Ambassador
History: Since 16 years old to present – regular model of KERA/Gothic Lolita Bible/KERA Maniacs
KERA 2006/07 Featured in front page, and 3 times more
Gothic and Lolita Bible extra edition “Boudoir” front page
OIONE Shinjuku CANDY catalog model 2005~2007
Kenji Ohtsuki short stories “Wata Ippai no Ai wo” PV
Poetry “I MISS YOU” front page
2006-2009 Misako Aoki original calendar
“Pop culture evangelist” (aka Kawaii Ambassador)
Evangelistic activities of Japanese Kawaii to the world as charisma model of Lolita culture
(in France, Italy, United States, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Korea)
NHK – Tokyo Kawaii TV
2010 Gothic and Lolita emsemble – front page, Kawaii producer.

I have been acted as charisma model of lolita fashion since I started by fan model of gothic lolita fashion and was fascinated. From March 2009 to March 2010 Japanse ministry of foreign affairs assigned me “Pop culture evangelist” (aka Kawaii Ambassador). Since then I have been trying my best to let many people be interested in Japanese culture via lolita fashion..

Activities of Kawaii Amassador is mainly joining events of Japanese culture in United States, France, Spain, Korea, Thailand, Italy, Russia, and Brazil, and holding fashion show and talk show, and spreading Japanese culture.

Throughout this activities I realized how popular lolita fashion is in oversea countries.

This time I wish to introduce the affairs of worldwide lolita fashion, the contents that let evetyone understand all lolita fashion, and Japanese unique “Kawaii” fashion.

【Aoki Misako no Kawaii Kakumei ~Lolita tokidoki Nurse~】
Published on 6/16/2011
A5/112 pages
1,260 yen (tax in)

The charismatic Lolita fashion model Misako Aoki’s very first essay published. The concept of this book is to show all aspects of ‘Kawaii’ produced by Misako Aoki. It’s a must-read for all Lolita fans who love ‘Kawaii.’

Chapter 1. FASHION&BEAUTY (Misako’s Kawaii Tips)      
Chapter 2.FAVORITE (Misako’s Favorites)
Chapter 3.WORLD (Lolitas of the world)
Chapter 4. MYSELF (About Misako)

Ribbon Groupie original LOVE bag ¥2,500 (Tax in)
Candy heart valletta & Ribbon ¥2,500 (Tax in)
Misako Aoki calendar 2011 ¥1,000 (Tax in)


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