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Silent Siren, girls’ rock band by the magazine reader models aka SaiSai has started their first tour “Silent Siren Live Tour 2012 SaiSai Cycle〜Hajimemashite SaiSai desu〜” from Tuesday, July 24 at Harajuku ASTRO HALL. They announced during the encore that they would make a major label debut on November 14.

Four girls of vocal/guitarist Suu, drummer Hinanchu, bassist Ainyan and keyboardist (synthesizer) Yana are getting much attention these days. Suu and Hinachu have been known as reader models on CUTiE magazine. Ainyan has worked on the Aomoji-Kei magazine (anti-conservative fashion magazines), and Yana is a reader model on ViVi and CUTiE magazines. (Yana left the group after the live on July 31.) They’ve performed at TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION as an opening act in this March. Their name has become much popular after the release of their 2nd album “Love Shiru” in July.

They are not only cute; they skillfully mix synthesized electric sound and rock music to create unique pop sound with their unique senses. They’ve got supports from mainly young people for their pop sound.

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「Suu shouted “Let’s go!” and started the live with “LOVE no Shirushi”, a lead single for their 2nd album. Ainyan finger picked the bass and kept on playing the low rhythm while jumping. Her bass sound was powerful unlike her delicate figure and vibrated the venue. Suu writes the lyrics for the most of the songs of SaiSai. She expresses the real feelings of the girls in love, while in “escape” she shows her dark side struggling for the understandings. We can see her true self from those lyrics.

“Chiranai Hana” was the first song they had written as a band. “Yumeoi” had been added to the set list by Yana’s wish. The song hasn’t been recorded yet but always makes the audience excited at the live. Suu incited the audience saying “Haven’t you had enough? Are you rocking?” They closed the stage with aggressive upper tunes “Siren”, “Evening Star” to which everyone waved towels and “Renai”.

For encore, Suu, Ainyan and Hinanchu appeared on stage wearing live T-shirts. When each member told how they felt for their major label debut after announcing it, leader Hinanchu couldn’t help her tears. Suu said “I’m really surprised. It’s like a dream. I believe this is a gift from you!”

Ainyan said “It’s finally come home to me as a reality by seeing your reactions. I’m so happy!”

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Hinanchu said “We were already saying we would make a major label debut when we just started the band without any basis. We were strangely confident while we weren’t at all good. We’ve been able to come here because of the staff who have supported us. It’s like a dream to make a major label debut. I’m really happy to be here today! Thank you!”

Then Yana, who would leave the group soon and support guitarist Michey were invited to the stage. Yana sent encouragements to the 3 remaining members. They closed the stage after almost 2 hours with “Goodbye3” performed with the band sound for the first time and “All Right〜”Ima” o Kakeru〜” which was started by the handclaps.

As Suu confidently said “We’ll be the group of 3, but our music will continue to shine brighter”, they’ve made us expect more for their future growth.

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01. LOVEのしるし (LOVE no Shirushi)
02.ランジェリー (Lingerie)
03.キミハテンキ (Kimi wa Tenki)
04.初恋記念日(Hatsukoi Kinenbi)
07.チラナイハナ (Chiranai Hana)
08.セピア (Sepia)
09.キミがスキ (Kimi ga Suki)
10.ユメオイ (Yumeoi)
11.サイレン (Siren)
12.イブニングスター (Evening Star)
13.恋哀 (Renai)
EN01. Goodbye3
EN02. All Right〜“今”を懸ける〜 (All Right〜”Ima” o Kakeru〜)

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